God and Government

Questions are regularly asked about the role of God and Faith in politics.  Many people assert that the two should be kept firmly separate. There are also different models of Government, and their relationship to the church. However, regardless of … Continue reading

Royal Lessons.. and Wise Men..

Royal Lessons.. and Wise Men.. Have you ever given much thought to the “Three Wise Men” at Christmas?  So much legend has grown up around them, that it’s quite difficult to separate what we know from what we think we … Continue reading

How Great Is Our God – Louie Giglio

At My Bible Study Online we loved this video, and we hope that you do too. From Atlanta, Georgia, Louie demonstrates the awesome, indescribable size of the sun, our galaxy, our universe….   and the absolute incomprehensibility of our God. From … Continue reading


Immanuel… It’s an intriguing concept.  It’s what separates the Christian faith from all other religions.  It’s what separates faith from religion, period (including the ‘religion’ of Christianity)! You see, religion is man’s way of searching for meaning.  It’s the actions … Continue reading

How Much Church Is Too Much Church?

Background Recently, twitter and blogs have been alight with the idea that people are too involved in church; and the anecdotes support this theory. For example, there’s the man who is at church 4 nights a week, away from his … Continue reading